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Filling out the "Here Comes the Sun" riff

Arguably the signature hook in "Here Comes the Sun," one of George Harrison's brilliant Abbey Road contributions, is the guitar riff that ends each chorus. It's a fairly easy lick to play, if that's the only part you have to worry about -- that is, if you have a backing band to handle filling out the chords and the descending bass line.

It's a little trickier if you're playing solo acoustic guitar. When George later performed the song live at his "Concert for Bangladesh" show on solo acoustic guitar, he simply played the riff by itself, without attempting to voice the chords behind it.

However, with the right fingerings, it can be done. Here's what it looks like in tablature form:

Note: while this is notated in the key of D, the song is in A and the guitar is capoed at the seventh fret.

The trick is to anchor your ring finger on the B string at the third fret and let those top three strings sustain as you pick your way through the riff.

The five chords you'll be playing underneath the riff are fingered as follows:

That final A chord is held down by using an index finger barred shape and using the middle finger and ring finger to execute the pull-offs.

Happy playing!

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