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These 7 Paul McCartney songs never sound right

You've bought the sheet music, you've found the tabs online, you've learned up the right chords, but no matter what you do, these Paul McCartney songs just don't sound quite right when you play them. It's the voicing, it's the tone, it's something, but it just doesn't sound like the recorded version.

Take "Yesterday," for example. You start with that barred F chord and already it sounds off. Or you try to get cute with a song like "I Will," which is also in F, but you decide to capo up the first fret so you can play it in E and get the benefit of some open strings. But it's still not quite right, is it?

Here's the secret: McCartney is playing these songs with a guitar that's been tuned down a full step.

To repeat: a normal guitar is tuned, bottom-to-top, E-A-D-G-B-E. For these particular tunes, McCartney is tuned, bottom-to-top, D-G-C-F-A-D.

Here are the songs in question (both Beatles and solo material):

- Yesterday (key of G)
- I Will (key of G)
- Heart of the Country (key of C)
- Bluebird (start with A minor)
- Hey Diddle (key of G)
- Temporary Secretary (key of E)
- Jenny Wren (key of C)

Now go re-tune that guitar and have some fun!

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